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An Opportunity for Investors Arises as the Euro Reaches Equality with the US Dollar 

With the Euro’s continuing tumbling value, it’s now equal to the US Dollar (USD). The last time the Euro (EUR) matched the USD was in 2002. Even though this sudden drop in the EU’s main currency’s value will have a significant impact on the global economy, it opens the door to a unique opportunity for investors. The Residency and Citizenship by Investment programmes in the EU just got a lot more affordable and interesting for people who don’t use the Euro. 

In Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain, the Golden Visas all require investments in Euro, as do Malta’s Exceptional Investor Naturalisation Programme (MEIN) and Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP). While the valuation of these programmes has remained constant during the Euro downturn, the true cost for those whose wealth is linked to the US dollar has fallen dramatically. 

A year ago, the minimum real estate investment under the Portuguese Golden Visa was EUR 280,000, or USD 333,200. Due to the Euro’s value matching the USD, that same investment option is now USD 280,000. It’s a savings of 16% for investors who keep their money in USD or any other currency pegged to USD.  

The Middle East is particularly affected by this economic phenomenon because countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon all have currencies pegged to the USD, which means even if investors hold their money in their home currency, they can take advantage of the sudden drop of the Euro, and subsequently the lower investment margins of the EU’s golden visas. 

For example, in Spain, the minimum investment threshold is EUR 500,000, which works out to USD 500,000. One year ago, the same investment was USD 595,000. Additionally, the Spanish housing market saw a 5.3% increase in prices year-on-year (YoY); however, that price increase has been negated by the rapid decline of the Euro. 

The minimum donation requirement for Malta’s MEIN programme dropped from USD 714,000 to EUR 600,000, allowing US investors to get EU citizenship at unprecedented savings.  

Investing now, while the Euro is still low, could lead to favourable returns if the Euro recovers by the time the investment holding period is over. This is typically after five years. This is one of the reasons why investors are currently getting high value for their EU golden visa.  

This current situation with the Euro isn’t expected to last forever, as the EU will eventually take measures to address it, and possibly even de-escalation of the Ukraine war could help. Therefore, investor migrants have a limited window of opportunity. As a result, they can get EU citizenship or residence, as well as get a substantial return on investment. 

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