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Bitcoin And BNB Represent The Cryptocurrency Past, Big Eyes Coin Is Here To Portray The Future

Bitcoin (BTC) and BNB are two of the most popular digital coins in the world and are both the epitome of what cryptocurrency used to solely be about, financial gain.

BTC was the first crypto invented in 2009 as an alternative to fiat and a profitable venture for those willing to invest. 

Over ten years later, Bitcoin reached an all-time high value of $67,549.74 and at the time of writing is priced at $19,198.21. Therefore, anyone savvy enough to invest in BTC when it was worth around $100 made one hell of a profit.

BNB has a similar story. Despite being valued at less than $1 during its inception in 2017, it rose to its highest price of $650.94 in November 2021 and is currently worth $272.97.

Both coins were and still are incredibly lucrative. However, their constant fluctuations are a testament to a crypto economy that is not stable and sustainable enough to survive long-term.

Hence, the birth of a quirky, fun, and eco-friendly cryptocurrency known as Big Eyes Coin (BIG). Big Eyes has generated over 8 million dollars during its presale and this is not through divine intervention.

The crypto industry is gradually becoming less about monetary return and more about adding value to users’ lives.

The Beast Behind Bitcoin

Apart from being the most lucrative coin on the crypto market, Bitcoin provides a decentralized platform that allows fast and secure peer-to-peer transactions.

The beauty of BTC is that no one is wholly in charge of cryptocurrency. Its users and investors are what dictate the direction and flow of the digital currency.

Still, Bitcoin is slowly becoming a mainstream form of currency, and high-profile companies such as Wikipedia, Burger King, and Microsoft all accept it as payment.

Make Profit With BNB Exchange

A major selling point of BNB is its use as a utility token. This crypto can be used to make transactions on the Binance exchange as well as make a large array of purchases such as entertainment, travel, and credit card bills.

Additionally, unlike many other cryptocurrencies, it has extremely low fees and fast transactions so when investors want to withdraw or exchange their funds, they can do it in a seamless and stress-free manner.

Not to mention, Binance coin users receive a discount on the charge fee. Therefore, this helps to entice new investors who appreciate such a novel perk to reduce costs and increase profit.

Invest In Big Eyes Coin And Be Part Of A Positive Change

Big Eyes coin intends to release unbearably cute NFTs that will rank in the top 10 NFT collections.

But ironically, this is not Big Eyes’ primary selling point. The cat-meme coin is set to blow its competition out of the water by donating 5% of its total supply to ocean-saving charities.

You would think that donations are common in the crypto space due to the amount of money involved, yet this is not the reality.

Hence, with every BIG investment, users are making a positive contribution towards sea life everywhere and helping to slow down global warming.

Besides, there’s still the potential to make a healthy return from Big Eyes coin. The only difference when compared to several alternative cryptos, is that investors are helping others as well as themselves.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin and BNB are at the summit of the crypto economy because of their financial potential. Nevertheless, the crypto industry is ever-changing and is heading towards an online community that is concerned about more things aside from the growth in their wallet.

For that reason, Big Eyes coin is symbolic of the future. There may come a time when crypto is not just a business proposition, but rather, a catalyst for change in various industries and worldwide issues.

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