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A Dutch startup uses Bitcoin mining to grow tulips in the Netherlands

Bert de Groot, a Dutch engineer, was inspecting six bitcoin miners as they solved complex calculations to earn cryptocurrency. These machines, as they were whirling and heating up, were also bringing an unexpected outcome: they were bringing down energy costs for tulip farmers in Brabant!

By harnessing solar power from the roof of Bitcoin Brabant’s hothouse, Bert’s company was able to reduce electricity consumption for mining crypto and help those local green-fingers succeed amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which was raising gas prices sky high. 

Despite recent market instability driving crypto value downwards, investors are still keen – farms and companies like Bitcoin Brabant reap the rewards by taking advantage of this sustainable technology currently revolutionizing our world.

From the Turkish love affair with tulips, which caused the first stock market crash in the 17th century, to becoming the world’s biggest tulip producer, the Netherlands has come a long way when it comes to greenhouses.

A perfect fit for improving the environment

In the Netherlands, one entrepreneur is helping to fight climate change in a rather unexpected way – by using cryptocurrency mining to grow tulips! 

André de Groot runs his unique energy business with 17 clients, including restaurants and warehouses. Thanks to what he calls “carbon negative” operations, all powered by Bitcoin, these famous Dutch flowers are being produced more sustainably than ever before. 

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