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Blotter: Man out $14K in gift cards and Bitcoin | Local News

PALOMINO ROAD: A 59-year-old man is out about $14,000 and potentially more after responding to a post he found on Facebook for a part-time job. The man told Sheriff’s deputies Friday that he talked to a “Roland Smith” who said he was in New York and told the man to buy laptops, headphones and iPads from Best Buy and send them to a New York address. When the man sent those, his credit card and Best Buy account bills were paid off. He was then asked to buy $10,000 in gift cards and $4,000 in Bitcoin, which he did, and he also ordered phones through Verizon and T Mobile. The man in New York has stopped responding to his calls and messages and the 59-year-old has not been reimbursed for the gift cards and Bitcoin. He is expecting a phone bill of about $2,000 to be coming soon. The investigation continues, said Lt. Paul Pownall.

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