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$BRISE Has Surpassed Bitcoin, Ethereum, And All Top 10 Coins In Rewarding Investors


Looking at the charts today, Bitgert ranks high among the coins that have performed very well in the market this month. In fact, Bitgert has toppled most of the big coins on the market in terms of delivering price growth this December, with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the top 10 coins already trailing BRISE price growth.

Although yesterday’s price spike pushed Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most of the coins to the highest price growth in the past 30 days, it was not enough to beat the Bitgert growth in the past 30 days. However, the past 14 days show that Bitgert has been the most explosive coin in the market.

According to the CoinGecko data, Bitgert was up 27% in the past 14 days, which is the biggest growth this month. It simply means that investors that bought Bitgert by the start of December have increased their coins growth by a whopping 27% this month.

This is bigger than what all the big players, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, etc., have registered this month. What is even more exciting is that Bitgert might continue to outperform these big cryptocurrencies even in the coming weeks.

But Why Is Bitgert This Bullish?

 Well, there are a number of things that makes Bitgert price just grow organically. One of them is the growing ecosystem, which has seen the number of users increase tremendously over the last few months. This has increased the number of activities on the chain, which has skyrocketed the demand for the Bitgert coin.

However, the adoption of the Bitgert products is said to be the reason why this coin has rewarded investors in a big way this month. Important to note is the most recently launched Bitgert exchange and Paybrise. These two are game-changing products that are already experiencing massive adoption upon launching.

The hype these coins have added to this project is also the reason Bitgert demand has been hitting the roof. Crypto analysts also believe that Bitgert gasless BRC20 blockchain is also a big factor in the bullish performance of the Bitgert coin.


With more products, projects, and partnerships dropping from the roadmap V2, we can expect the Bitgert coin to do well in the market for the remaining part of December. Therefore, Bitgert would make an ideal crypto investment today.

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