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Doug Kass: Stocks And Gold Can Rally Soon, But Tesla And Bitcoin May Fall Further In 2023

  • Doug Kass’s surprises for 2023 highlight a slate of wide-ranging possibilities.
  • Stocks could defy the masses, rallying in the first half of 2022.
  • Gold could trade up to $3,000 per ounce.
  • Bitcoin could fall to $5,000.
  • Tesla shares could drop below $80, but Twitter’s valuation could skyrocket.

Hedge fund manager Doug Kass has been navigating the stock market since the 1970s, so his annual “surprises” for the coming year should be required reading for investors. The self-described contrarian with a calculator is known for bold projections, and this year’s list of surprises doesn’t disappoint.

A stock market rally until June? A big run higher in gold? A reckoning for Bitcoin? A Tesla tumble? Those are some of Kass’s most intriguing surprises for 2022. Let’s dig in!

Stocks could rally, then fall

Kass is most comfortable swimming upstream. His annual list of surprises highlights possibilities underappreciated by Wall Street and Main Street investors.

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