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Crypto Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin Collapse Now Says ‘New Lows Are Just A Matter Of Time’

Cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin BTC/USD closed on a positive note on Saturday at $21,166.06. At the time of writing, it was trading at $21,519, down close to 12% in the last seven days. Pseudonymous crypto analyst Capo, back on Aug. 16, anticipated the downward move, is now warning that “new lows are just a matter of time.” 

What Happened: Capo forecasted that BTC would crash below $23,000, and he’s now considering the impact on the crypto market. 

In a Twitter post, he said it’s just a matter of time and Bitcoin would fall to new lows soon. 

According to him, the crypto asset has taken the bearish option, by dropping to the $21,000 level. 

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Capo added that Bitcoin is currently in the fifth wave of the primary downward trend and could correct to the upside in a three-wave pattern to the $23,500 level.

Capo predicted that $23,500 would strongly resist pushing Bitcoin towards the $20,000 key area.

Earlier in March, Capo predicted that the apex crypto would fall under $23,000. Bitcoin ended up hitting a 2022 low of under $18,000 in June.

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