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Bitmart Lists Philcoin, the World’s First Philanthropic Cryptocurrency

Philcoin has been recently listed on Bitmart, a leading crypto exchange with daily volumes of around $335 Million. Earlier, Philcoin got listed on PancakeSwap, Indacoin, and MEXC. The listing will help Philcoin reach hundreds of countries where 9 million users in over 180 countries can directly buy the cryptocurrency through Bitmart.

The Bitmart listing will help Philcoin broaden its user base, which was earlier restricted due to limited methods of buying the cryptocurrency. This will further drive the expansion of community-led initiatives and broaden philanthropic activities.

The listing comes at a time when crypto markets are at their worst state. Failing exchanges, bankrupt lenders, and insolvent crypto fund managers are a common sight. However, there has also been a record accumulation of cryptocurrencies. 

Philcoin is actively educating crypto users to help them understand these opportunities that currently exist in Web3, such as unparalleled buying opportunities. Non-zero and wallets are reaching record numbers of 90 Million and 44 Million, respectively. This presents a unique opportunity for people to reap greater benefits by adopting crypto.

Philcoin helps others learn about the benefits of blockchain technology through its PHILApp, a DApp that allows users to earn while doing daily tasks. Philcoin can be used in the PHILApp to stake, access free courses, donate to thousands of charities, get referral rewards, and buy or gift NFTs.

Commenting on its innovative features, Founder and CEO Jerry Lopez said that the current markets were in a purge mode where those projects failed, which lacked transparency and the true spirit of crypto and blockchain. Comparing the market with a Bonsai Tree, he further elaborated that older ones must be cut off for new leaves to grow. Jerry added that it was finally time for companies with integrity, true intentions, and a human-focused approach to grow in the next decade of crypto.

Philcoin and PHILApp

Philcoin is the world’s first and only philanthropic cryptocurrency. It is also an award-winning philanthropic movement. It aims to bring empowerment to individuals who need support through blockchain technology. Philcoin wishes to help build an interactive community where people can earn using the “Internet of Things (IoT).” 

PHILApp is a blockchain-based app that allows people to help others while making a good income for themselves. It leverages daily activities like chatting, transacting, playing games, watching shows, learning, and educating others; to create income opportunities for those who are in need. The application is available for both Android and iOS.

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