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Creating a trusted brand in the volatile world of cryptocurrency

Creating a trusted brand in the volatile world of cryptocurrency can be a challenging task. It has been an eventful end to 2022 and a busy start to 2023 for Chirin Khawatmi, Director of Marketing at HAYVN, the digital asset focused financial institution.

Developing a trusted brand in a volatile industry such as cryptocurrency requires vision, diplomacy, innovation and drive, all of which Chirin has in abundance. “In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, building a trusted brand is more important than ever. At HAYVN, we understand that customers need to feel secure when entrusting us with their financial assets, especially in an industry that is known for its volatility. That’s why we have made it a top priority to establish a reputation for transparency, accountability, and security.” explains Chirin. For HAYVN, a focus on business, corporate and institutional clients requires a brand that reflects a global financial institution, while maintaining the innovative edge that cryptocurrency is famous for.

The  HAYVN brand is now recognised globally for the sense of security and trust it conveys while also enticing customers into the new frontier of digital assets. As the guardian of the brand, Chirin attributes that success to “a commitment and focus on every piece of content, from the website, to our emails, to every post and advertisement and interaction with our stakeholders and community. Every piece of content, every interaction is always ‘HAYVN’. It’s become a noun internally.”

In January 2023, the industry converged in Dubai to take advantage of the city being home to the IFX EXPO for the third consecutive year, the city has emerged as a leader for fintech and similar projects in the Middle East and HAYVN were a leading sponsor showcasing the need for Corporate Governance and striving in its quest to be an institutional beacon. A strategically placed HAYVN networking and customer pavilion along with panel appearances from renowned industry speaker, (CEO Christopher Flinos) were among key elements of this two day industry assembly.

Chirin Khawatimi, Marketing Director, HAYVN explained the current brand journey, and the importance of brand portrayal. “At HAYVN, we understand the importance of earning our customers’ trust when it comes to handling their financial assets. We understand the importance of trust in this industry and are committed to earning it every day.”.


HAYVN is a digital asset focused financial institution delivering Payments, Trading, Custody, Asset Management and Research to its global client base. Regulated by the ADGM, BVI, AUSTRAC and the CIMA, HAYVN is one of the global leaders in institutional cryptocurrency, serving HNW individuals, small and middle-market businesses, corporations, and institutions, with a full range of cryptocurrency trading, payments, custody, asset management and research products and services.

To learn more about HAYVN please visit:  https://hayvnglobal.com/

For more information contact: media@hayvnglobal.com

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