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Spain’s Vueling Airlines becomes first European budget carrier to accept cryptocurrency

SPAIN’S Vueling Airlines will allow cryptocurrencies as payment for fares later this year.

The low-cost carrier says it will be the first budget airline in Europe to accept crypto, having initially announced its intentions last summer.

It added it will introduce the new service via its website in the second-half of 2023.

Vueling has struck a deal with Criptan- a national exchange registered with the Bank of Spain- to serve as a payments company to process and complete customers orders using crypto.

Veuling alliances and distribution manager, Jesus Monzo, said: “This agreement places us at the forefront of new technologies and innovation, further reinforcing our commitment to our customers and offering the best and most advanced tools and solutions on our website.”

Jorge Soriano, Criptan’s CEO, stated the company is ‘convinced’ that the introduction of crypto payments could improve user experience by showing customers the potential there is behind using such an option.

The system adopted by Vueling will use UATP tech-a global global payments network for airlines- but the carrier has not specified yet which cryptocurrencies will be accepted.


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