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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Trading Bots of 2023



With the advent of crypto coins and their investment opportunities, crypto trading has picked up significantly. With the volatility at which cryptos move, it gives a plethora of opportunities for investors to trade and make significant profits. But the speed at which cryptos move is rapid, and sometimes it becomes tough to manage these fast-moving trades manually.  Hence this has led to the invention of crypto bots- software that helps the trader execute their trades and strategies automatically and with precision, thus reducing the risk that the trader would face while executing the trades manually. 

With the market size increasing and trading in cryptos becoming more and more common, a lot of trading bots have come up, and it’s difficult for one to identify the best from them. Hence here is the list of the top 10 crypto trading bots that one can use in 2023



A crypto exchange with a feature of built-in crypto trading bots.

It is one of the best trading bots that come for free and has been offering these services since 2017. The liquidity on Pionex is aggregated from top exchanges like Binance and Huobi and provides a free trading bot. Without the hassle of API keys while using Pionex, the platform offers 18 free cryptocurrency bots, including some popular ones like Reverse Grid Bot, BTC Moon, ETH Moon, Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot, etc. Pionex also has been given the MAS and MBS licenses from USA and Singapore, attesting that the bot and exchange both are safe.  

Very few exchanges exist today that have the reputation and popularity of Kucoin. To add to its offering, Kucoin has built some trading to allow its users to take advantage of automated trading. This includes Grid bots for both spot and future and a DCA bot. With built-in bots, the users’ lives become much easier as they don’t have to connect to any third-party bot using API keys.


One of the top trading bots with a UI experience for a professional trader, 3cooms has created a niche for itself. Along with its older bot, 3Commas recently released a new GRID bot and a DCA bot. The bot that 3commas offers can implement multiple technically analyzed BTC trading strategies, which can help and improve user chances for making a profit by trading bitcoin. Also, the platform comes with a marketplace that offers a variety of third-party crypto signals. As the bot is loaded with features, it comes with a subscription at two levels- Basic and Pro. The essential bot subscription comes for USD 29/per month, and the Pro version comes for USD 99/per month.


One of the best and most well-known unique grid bots, Bitsgap allows users to perform high-frequency trading, which is only available to big institutional investors or hedge funds and usually comes at a high price. Bitsgap grid bot distributes investment proportionally within a trading range predefined by a crypto trader. Also, Bitsgap has recently added its Bitsgap future trading bot, which can open and close multiples of small positions daily, opening doors for traders who are ok with smaller returns but want exposure to minimal risk. The algorithm that drives this bot is designed so that the user can generate maximum returns from price swings. It has some great features for risk control, like trailing UP, taking profit, stop loss, and several other exit strategies.

Supported by Europe’s oldest and most significant digital investment houses, Coinshares, HAL, which was previously known as Napbots, prides itself in making complete crypto trading a cakewalk. This is the reason Coinshares backs this, as it hopes to simplify access to its user to complex trading strategies and methods. HAL connects with any preferred exchange of the user and creates a single-screen view. The bot comes with a detailed tutorial into various features of the bot. The trading bot is also reasonably priced at EUR 19.90/month, regardless of the quantum of trades.

One of the leading paid trading bots for BTC and other cryptocurrencies, Cryptohopper has created a fan base. Being a market-making bot, the platform allows users to create their trading strategies, differentiating itself from other Grid bots. Cryptohopper also allows users to copy other trading strategies through its Cryptohopper marketplace. The marketplace also allows users to buy third-party services such as signals for crypto, apps, templates, and strategies. The app also offers a demo trading account, social trading platform, market arbitrage tool, and paper trading mode.

Combined with super state-of-the-art software and technology and a super user-friendly interface. This is one of the reasons the trading bot makes it to the list of top crypto trading apps. The crypto trading bot comes with the most significant marketplace from crypto signals providers.  Cornix was created with the idea that anyone can trade crypto. The crypto bot recently released new advanced DCA bots and the platform comes free without any credit card needed.


Botcrypto attracts professional traders to use its bot as it allows personalized trading bots. To make life easier for traders, the platform provides a drag-and-drop interface that combines more than 20 technical indicators that assist in building a chart-based strategy. So no coding is required, and the platform also allows notifications. The platform also allows backtesting and real-time stimulation which is free.  Once the user is ready, they can subscribe to the paid version at USD 12 per month.

Another paid bot focusing on rebalancing as its main feature; Shrimpy automates crypto trading and portfolio rebalancing to make life easier for its investors. While this bot is designed more for investors than traders, as it provides services like portfolio management, rebalancing, strategic backtesting, and indexing, The bot sports more than ten crypto exchange. As the platform supports only some trades a day it’s more for a hodler than a trader. The bot recently introduced the copy trade feature to give its user an additional feature

Another premium paid crypto trading software, Hassonline, is considered one of the most advanced crypto trading bots available today. Like many other in this list, the trading bot has pre-built trading bots for strategies like market making, trading, arbitrage, and other tools. However, its competitive advantage comes with the release of HaasScript, the scripting language of the bot, which can help sophisticated traders develop highly complex trading bots using a drag-and-drop designer or intelli-sense editor. The bot supports 25 and more exchanges and also provides the option of backtesting and paper trade so that the traders can practice their strategies before executing them in real markets.


While crypto trading bots are great for traders to do repetitive tasks and make trades quick, it’s the actual strategy and intelligence of the trader that makes money. Hence its important for crypto traders to concentrate on creating and testing their strategies and pick the right bot suitable for their kind of trades. 

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