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Trump Once Trashed Crypto Before Selling His Own NFTs

Back when Donald Trump was still the Twitterer in chief, many people began noticing a weird phenomenon known as #ATweetForEverything — and his recent foray into digital trading cards might just serve as the latest example.

It worked like this: Whenever the then-president wrote something on Twitter, someone would inevitably find an earlier post that espoused a position 180 degrees away from the one he was currently taking. “There’s always a tweet” was the common refrain.

Although Trump was suspended from the platform after last year’s Jan. 6 Capitol riot and hasn’t posted since CEO Elon Musk recently reinstated his account, Twitter users are now experiencing the unique pleasures of #ATweetForEverything once again.

Many onlookers found the move interesting since it seemingly ran counter to comments Trump made last year. Speaking to Fox News reporter Maria Bartiromo, Trump had said he “was never a big fan” of cryptocurrency — which, like non-fungible tokens, relies on blockchain technology. He also called the digital money “a very dangerous thing.”

On Thursday, cryptocurrency-focused outlet Altcoin Daily highlighted the disparity with a tweet juxtaposing the news of Trump’s NFT collection with video of the Bartiromo interview.

Although Trump’s new NFTs have reportedly sold out, the reaction to the business venture has been mostly negative, with everyone from regular social media users to former White House strategist Steve Bannon mocking it. On Twitter, President Joe Biden threw shade at his predecessor with some “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS” of his own, cataloging his political wins in recent weeks.

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