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Romania’s EU funds absorption reached record EUR 11.3 bln in 2022, PM says

Romania managed to absorb EU funds worth EUR 11.3 billion in 2022, prime minister Nicolae Ciucă said on Wednesday, January 4. According to him, this is the highest annual amount absorbed since the country started accessing this financing.

“We’re committed to ensuring the absorption of European funds and all three lines of European financing accumulate approximately EUR 90 billion. In 2022, we exceeded the amount we had set as our goal – to attract at least EUR 10 billion per year. We managed to absorb EUR 11.3 billion, the largest amount that Romania has absorbed since accessing European funds, thus ensuring the foundation for the running of European projects and programs,” PM Ciucă said, according to News.ro.

According to him, the country can attract even more European money in 2023, as well as more foreign investments.

“We have all the prerequisites to attract even more European money in 2023 and, at a similar level, of over EUR 11 billion, to have direct foreign investments, which gives us confidence and keeps us on this line of moderate optimism regarding what government activity means and the relationships we have established with the business environment, to convince investors that in Romania there are opportunities, there are resources, there is work capacity, labour productivity is an indicator that can further stimulate the investment environment,” the prime minister said.

He also mentioned that the second request for payment under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (PNRR) was submitted and is currently being analyzed by the European Commission.


(Photo source: Gov.ro)

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