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European Union/Ukraine: Temporary Protection Status – Country-Specific Updates

All EU Member States have implemented the Temporary Protection Directive, setting up initial application processes for eligible individuals. For the most up-to-date information, check the European Agency for Asylum website.

  • Scope. The Directive applies to Ukrainian citizens; foreign citizens residents in Ukraine; and spouses or partners, minor children, and cohabiting dependent family members of these individuals; resident in Ukraine on or before February 24, 2022. National variations may apply regarding which Ukraine residents and which dependents will be considered eligible.
  • Temporary Protection. EU authorities plan to extend Temporary Protected Status to March 2024, from March 2023. Eligible applicants are granted right to reside and work (although restrictions may apply), and rights to accommodation, health care, education and social support.
  • National variation. EU Member States may introduce variations in the scope of eligible applicants and local application processes, among other factors. Notably, EU Member States may grant more generous rights than those outlined by the Directive, e.g., longer duration of stay or including a broader group of eligible applicants.

Key details of the Temporary Protection status and application process for the countries confirmed so far include the following:

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