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European Union Presidency to Recruit 10 Personnel

Presidency of the European Union
Presidency of the European Union

Within the scope of the European Union Affairs Expertise Regulation, a total of 8 Assistant European Union Affairs Experts will be recruited to work in the 10th grade staff of the General Administration Services Class in the central organization, whose staff distribution is shown in TABLE-I.

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1. To carry the general conditions specified in article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

2. Law, political sciences, economics, business administration, economics and administrative sciences, engineering, veterinary, agriculture, fisheries and communication faculties and faculties providing at least four-year undergraduate education and faculties of the European Union, mathematics, statistics, sociology, history, city and region To graduate from planning departments or from foreign faculties whose equivalence has been approved by the Higher Education Council, (Candidates must submit their equivalence documents approved by YÖK at the application stage with e-Government (Career Gate Public Recruitment) if they graduate from departments that are considered equivalent to the departments mentioned above.)

3. Not to have completed the age of thirty-five (1) as of the first day of January (2023 January 35) of the year in which the exam will be held (born on or after January 1, 1988),

4. To have obtained at least 2021 points from any of the KPSS score types specified in Table-I from the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) held by OSYM in 2022 and 80 and to be among the 100 highest-scoring applicants (the same score as the candidates in the last place). candidates are also accepted to the exam),

5. To have a score of at least (B) in one of the English, French or German languages ​​in the Foreign Language Placement Exam (YDS) or to have an internationally valid document accepted as equivalent (Foreign language score or level assessments, OSYM Foreign Language Exams Equivalences The validity period of the documents related to the foreign language level is calculated by taking into account the last day of the exam application. Of the documents related to foreign language proficiency, the validity period of the YDS certificate is five years and the validity period of the other documents is two years).

The Presidency of the European Union Will Recruit Personnel


Between 26/12/2022-13/01/2023, it will be received electronically from “E-Government Presidency – Career Gate Public Recruitment” or Career Gate (isealimkariyerkapisi.cbiko.gov.tr) address.” Applications that are not submitted electronically within the period specified in the announcement will not be considered.

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