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EU’s ‘demands’ for GSP Plus renewal put Pakistan under pressure

In order to save its status of GSP Plus, is dangling between the conditions put forth by the (EU) as well as its domestic lobby, Financial Post reported.

must ensure that 27 UN conventions are implemented in the targeted areas to maintain GSP Plus.

However, the Pakistani government and officials are concerned about the EU’s plans to increase the number of treaties covered by the programme.

The new conventions will cover topics like transnational organised crime, the rights of people with disabilities, the involvement of minors in armed conflict, and labour inspection, according to the Financial Post.

The EU has considerable expectations related to issues such as NGOs’ policies, child labour, the abuse of blasphemy laws, and climate change. While the anti-torture bill has finally been passed after much delay, other crucial accounts are still in various states of inaction.

Analysts anticipate Islamabad to revert to its tried-and-true strategy in light of Pakistan’s continuous struggles to meet its essential needs. Furthermore, Islamabad is also frantically trying to show some seriousness and progress in the problem as the deadline of 2023 approaches.

In June 2022, an EU monitoring mission came to the nation to assess the situation. Later, the European Commission’s Directorate General presented a list of priorities and requested details on the Pakistani government’s response, the Financial Post reported.

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