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Roberta Metsola admits 2022 was ‘difficult’ for Europe, but says Ukraine support won’t falter

In her new year’s message, the head of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola said 2022 has been a “difficult year for Europe”

As well as the cost of living and energy crises and the war in Ukraine, 2022 in Europe was marred by one of the EU’s biggest corruption scandals in history, which saw four people, including former vice-president of the European Parliament Eva Kaili, charged with participation in a criminal organisation, corruption and money laundering.

“We were tasked to deal with the tailwinds of the pandemic a perfect storm of climate change, inflation spiking, and energy supplies dwindling. All this against the backdrop of the war on our continent,” Metsola said in her video message.

“But if history and this year especially have shown us anything, it is that the European Union comes out of crises stronger and more united.”

“In 2023, we need to double down on protecting our values. Most importantly, we will continue to stand with Ukraine for peace with liberty. Peace with dignity. And peace with security.”

And despite a fresh wave of missile strikes across the country, Ukrainians are reuniting to welcome in the new year together. After a year marred by a brutal war, the world is hoping that 2023 will at last bring peace.

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