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“important” that European counterparts know what gov’t is doing for EU conditions

Maka Botchorishvili, the chair of the Georgian parliament’s European Union integration committee, on Friday said it was “important” that European counterparts were informed about what the Georgian government was doing to fulfil European Union conditions for granting the country the membership candidate status. 

Botchorishvili made the remark as she noted the decision of the European Union on the status for Georgia was going to be a “political” one.

European Union member states will discuss this issue based on the assessments, therefore it is very important for us to show progress, but it is worth noting that in the end the decision from the European Union will be made with political motives”, the parliament official said.

On October 4, Georgian prime minister Irakli Garibashvili said his government would fulfil “all conditions” outlined by the EU for granting the country the membership candidate status.

Garibashvili noted the government was “engaged and highly motivated” to implement the 12 recommendations “as soon as possible”.

On June 24, the European Council granted the membership candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, and said it would be ready to grant the same status to Georgia once the outstanding priorities outlined by the European Commission would be addressed by the Georgian government.

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