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JAY-Z and Jack Dorsey gift Bitcoin Academy graduates $1K

JAY-Z and Jack Dorsey are celebrating the conclusion of The Bitcoin Academy by lacing the pockets of graduating students.

As previously reported by REVOLT, the program, formed by the renowned rapper and former Twitter CEO and co-founder, included a 12-week financial literacy program for residents of the Marcy Houses, where JAY-Z grew up. Following the Wednesday (Sept. 7) graduation, Dorsey and Hov blessed participants with $1,000 in bitcoin. The payment was Airdropped to the students via platforms like Cash App, Muun Wallet, or any other self-custodial wallets. In order to qualify for the payout, residents had to have been enrolled as students, joined the program, and agreed to receive a grant.

“Marcy residents showed up. The over 350 people who attended The Bitcoin Academy classes let us know that this education is important to them – and that it matters,” said Ms. Gloria Carter, JAY-Z’s mother and the president and co-founder of The Shawn Carter Foundation, in a statement provided to Business Insider. “What also matters is providing the necessary resources such as dinner, childcare, devices, internet access, dedicated staff and instructors so that as many people as possible could participate in person and online. I am so grateful to the community that came together to make this happen, and especially to all the class participants who are now more empowered to make their own financial decisions with greater knowledge. Knowledge is power. It’s now up to everyone who participated to empower and prepare the next generation.”

Dorsey also took to Twitter to celebrate the people who completed the program. “At tonight’s graduation class, @sc and I offered each student a grant of $1,000 in bitcoin. Students can save, spend, or send their bitcoin however they choose to keep investing in themselves,” said the 45-year old entrepreneur.


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