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Price caps, EU money, crisis: here are the government’s extraordinary announcements!

Gergely Gulyás, PM Viktor Orbán’s chief of staff, announced further measures today on extraordinary government info. You may read the details below. By the way, the government’s meeting Orbán called together this morning will last the whole day, media reported.

  • Considering the exceptional situation, the Hungarian government extends the price caps on fuel and food. He did not mention a new deadline but added the government would continue to freeze retail mortgage interest rates for another six months, index.hu reported.
  • The government did everything the EU asked to get the funds for the 2021-2027 period. They will submit the relevant bills to the parliament next week. If accepted, they will come into force in November. The European Commission will decide on the issue tomorrow. Afterwards, Tibor Navracsics, the minister for regional development, will hold a press conference.
  • The government would help the energy-intensive Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. The program will start on 1 October and will last until 2023. Márton Nagy, the minister for economic development, said they would support operational and investment costs. They will follow the EU’s definition of the energy-intensive enterprises. In return, the government expects the SME sector to preserve at least 90 percent of the workplaces.
  • The government discussed a program to support energy-intensive factories and an investment program. However, they have not decided yet about the details.
  • Gulyás blamed the war and the European Union’s sanctions on Russia for the energy and economic crisis. He added that without the sanctions, the energy prices would decrease significantly.

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