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The safe Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India at this moment

Are you thinking about which cryptocurrency exchange is the best in India to use safely? Cryptocurrency platforms are gaining popularity rapidly, and people are willing to invest in them. The financial industry is entering a new frontier with cryptocurrency trading, and you must have the tools available to take full advantage of this new environment. Therefore, the cryptocurrency trading app is one of the most crucial tools.

But you also need to ensure your assets are safe in the exchange. You probably have always heard about the FTX incident, which put many crypto investors in a very hard situation.

What is a Cryptocurrency, And How Does It Work?

Without the assistance of a central monetary institution like a bank or the government, it is possible to trade a digital asset known as a cryptocurrency (crypto). Cryptocurrencies are created using cryptographic techniques, allowing users to buy, sell, and exchange them without risk.

Blockchain is a method that underpins Bitcoin and the majority of other cryptocurrencies, retaining a tamper-proof record of all transactions and ownership information. Blockchain technology solves the issue of prohibiting individuals from duplicating their assets and trying to use them twice, which plagued earlier attempts to establish solely digital currencies.

Individual cryptocurrencies can be referred to as coins or tokens, depending on how they are utilized. Some can be used to engage in specialized software programs like games and financial products, while others can be used as stores of value or as units to exchange goods and services.

Now for all of our users, in this list, we have sorted the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India, which you can also consider to be the safest crypto exchanges in India right now.


Founded in 2016, BYBIT INDIA is the safest crypto exchange in India at this moment. It is also the best rewarding exchange for any new users globally. The reason I call it the safest exchange is because of its proof of reserve which assures users that their funds are not invested anywhere. As a crypto investor, any user would like to make sure their funds are safe, and they can withdraw them anytime he/ she wants. At the same time, if you would like to be a professional crypto investor, you can opt to become the ByBit VIP which gives you a luxurious experience while trading and a lot of gifts, of course.

It has zero spot trading fees and the best liquidity at this moment. Right now, there is a special bonus where if you sign up for a ByBit account using this link, you get a $20 USDT bonus and receive up to a $4,000 bonus when you complete all the tasks available on their platform.

ByBit prides itself on its 24/7 professional customer support; you can reach out to them to answer any queries you face. It is a very commonly requested feature in the Indian market, and they have done it extremely well.

The ByBit cryptocurrency exchange first appeared in 2018. It is a stand-alone derivatives trading platform with inverse and perpetual futures contracts with up to 1:200 leverage. Quarterly USD futures are available at ByBit in combination with BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC, and multiple tokens. There is a linear futures contract on BTC/USDT. The exchange has several technological advantages: it provides for mutual insurance of market participants against possible sharp price movements. There are offsets for long and short positions, and there is market depth.

ByBit India also makes overall community support very effective by conducting regular competitions and offers. Seeing all the features in mind, we have placed it as the top exchange right now in India.


One of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in India, CoinDCX, was founded by Neeraj Khandelwal and Sumit Gupta in 2018. It is one of the most trusted exchange platforms in India and has over one crore users to date. People can trade, sell, and attain courses regarding crypto on Coin DCX.

The Cons of COINDCX are when users try to deposit crypto from other places or withdraw it, it doesn’t allow them to do so, which makes the crypto transfer impossible at this moment at CoinDCX.


It is a Marketplace where people can buy and sell cryptocurrency exchange and bitcoin. It is also one of the most trusted NFT marketplaces for all creators and artists all over India. Wazirx was founded by Nischal Shetty in 2017. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, India


CoinSwitch Kuber is one of the most popular & best cryptocurrency apps in India; the platform offers one of the best rates on Bitcoin trades. It is easy to trade BTC instantaneously on CoinSwitch Kuber, and the KYC and AML verification procedures are also easy to follow. The CoinSwitch Kuber mobile app is quite helpful in bringing one of the best crypto trading platforms to Indian mobile devices. CoinSwitch Kuber is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in India to provide Indian traders with a seamless crypto trading interface.


It is one of the fastest and easiest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India. It was founded by Gaurav Dahake on December 14, 2017. Bitbns has over 3.2 million users. The platform allows to the trade of over 300+ coins and digital assets, bringing in an average monthly trading volume of $1.5 billion.


Zebpay was founded in 2014 by Sandeep Goenka, Mahin Gupta and Saurabh Agarwal. People can trade over 150+ coins on this crypto exchange platform. It has achieved over $10 billion in fiat transactions and currently has over 5 million users. The company headquarters are in Singapore.


It is India’s leading bitcoin company, founded by four people- Sathvik Vishwanath, Harish B V, Abhinand Kaseti, and Sunny Ray. They aim to make bitcoin a part of everyday households without any hassle and securely. People can buy, sell, exchange bitcoins, and conduct over-the-counter (OTC) trading on the Unocoin App. They have investors backing up, like Blume Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Mumbai Angels, and BoostVC.


It is among India’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin app, which enables one to buy more than a hundred cryptos at the best Indian currency rate, with the highest liquidity. Krypto was founded by Shaaran Laxminarayan in March 2020. Its headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka


Probit Global is owned by Ronald Chan and was founded in 2018. It is registered in Seychelles, and its headquarters are currently located in Estonia. This cryptocurrency trading platform allows traders to buy, sell, and exchange over 800 coins and has over 2 million active monthly users. Apart from trading, it also provides basic and intermediate courses to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The company has partnered with Block Raise, B R Group, Simplex, Token Minds, A+Ventures and many more.

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