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US has highest number of crypto owners, but Vietnam is top for percentage of ownership

According to estimates from the provider of crypto business solutions Triple A, the United States has almost twice as many cryptocurrency owners as India, which came in second with 27.4 million, as reported by Cryptoslate.

However, with 13.7%, the United States comes in third place in terms of ownership of cryptocurrencies. Comparatively, Vietnam leads the list for this parameter, where 20.3% of the population, or one in five people, hold cryptocurrency.

The top seven nations were calculated by the Twitter account ‘DocumentingBTC’, and a map of bitcoin ownership that was taken from the Triple A website was also included. With 130 million inhabitants, Asia was the continent with the largest absolute ownership on the map. Oceania came in last, with only one million owners living there, Cryptoslate noted.

According to Triple A, the adoption of cryptocurrencies will increase on a global scale. According to recent estimates, there are 320 million crypto users worldwide, which equals an average of 4.2% of the world’s population, Cryptoslate stated.

According to ownership demographics, 63% of owners are men and 37% are women, with 72% of them being 34 or younger. According to researchers, the typical annual income of cryptocurrency owners is $25,000.

According to the most recent World Bank data, in 2020, the net national income per person was $8,784. A decrease from $9,274 in 2019. Vietnam was the top country for the proportion of cryptocurrency ownership even though it came in fifth place globally for the number of cryptocurrency owners.

Vietnam Daily published an article in 2021 that looked at the reasons why cryptocurrencies are so well-liked there.

(With insights from Cryptoslate)

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