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Venture capital investor Mark Carnegie names new fly ‘bitcoin’

Both Mr Carnegie and Mr Sergienko said cultural institutions have great opportunities to enhance IP preservation, democratise knowledge and explore new fundraising methods.

A newly discovered insect-hunting fly has been named Chrysosoma bitcoin. 

“We have the capability to reposition cultural institutions at the forefront of the digital revolution, and are dedicated to ensuring Australia doesn’t get left behind through the ongoing disruption,” Mr Carnegie said.

The new fly is a member of the family Dolichopodidae, which represents long-legged flies and has patterned brown wings and long hairs on their front legs.

Dr Bickel, who released a research paper on the fly this week, said flies are often underappreciated.

“Overall, flies are one of the most common and diverse groups of animals on earth. Although we often find them annoying, they serve many important roles – they are the second most important pollenator group after bees of both native and many crop plants,” Dr Bickel said.

“However, insects are under extreme threat with deforestation, climate change and the use of pesticides. There are still millions of species out there, especially in the tropical regions which we are yet to discover and describe.”

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